About the Director 

Lila Hope-Simpson is the Owner-Operator and Director of the Home & Heart Child Development Centre since its opening in 1995.  She is committed to offering a holistic child development program which meets the individual needs of each child and family.

Lila is an Early Childhood Educator and Special Care Counselor who studied at Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec and and is included on the Notable Vanier Alumni list. She also has her Diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis-Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She is certified in Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR. She is a member of the Child Care Administrator’s Network (CCAN) and has served on the Nova Scotia Round Table on Child Care,  the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs and the Early Childhood Development Initiative Collaborative Team. She completed her training in Management Development for Early Childhood Educators in 2007 at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax.

She believes in lifelong learning and professional development and continues to upgrade her credentials through workshops, courses and training on related Early Childhood Development topics.

Lila has worked extensively in the field of Health Promotion with community groups through Smoke-Free Kings, GPI Kings (Genuine Progress Index) and VON Palliative Care.

In 2004, Lila was the recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education in Ottawa for her outstanding program and her contribution to the field.

Lila is a writer for The Advertiser with a regular Positive Parenting column and has had a book on parenting published based on the articles (Tots to Toddlers: A Handbook for Parents, Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS 1998). She has also written several publications on child care including:
-A Tall Order: Meeting Nova Scotia’s Child Care Needs (1996)
-Exploring Family Resource Programs in Nova Scotia (1994)
-A Family Resource Centre- Parents, Caregivers and Children Working Together (1993)

Her children’s book, Fiddles & Spoons- Journey of an Acadian Mouse (Dery Publishing Group. Montreal, QC 2004; Nimbus Publishing, Halifax 2012) is the story of the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, as seen through the eyes of a family of mice living in Grand Pre (www.fiddlesandspoons.com). Lila was awarded the Marianna Dempster Memorial Book Award from the Canadian Author¹s Association- Atlantic Branch for her contribution to children¹s literature in 2006.

She is currently completing a novel for adults and several children’s books.

Lila lives on the South Mountain, overlooking the beautiful Gaspereau Valley, near Wolfville, Nova Scotia, with her husband, Ian Hope-Simpson, who is an artist-blacksmith. She has three children, Rudi, Jasmine and Natasha.

Educator, Advertiser columnist
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